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    Compassionate and Assertive Spousal Support Lawyers

    At Jafari Law and Mediation Office, our spousal support lawyers in Orange County or Los Angeles, CA have over 20 years of experience in alimony cases. Our family-owned firm offers empathetic yet assertive attorneys to individuals navigating the complexities of spousal support matters.

    Understanding Spousal Support

    Spousal support (also known as alimony) is financial assistance provided by one spouse to another during or after a divorce or legal separation. It is designed to help the lower-earning spouse maintain a standard of living similar to that experienced during the marriage.

    spousal support attorney
    spousal support lawyer

    Factors Considered in Spousal Support

    The court considers various factors in determining alimony, including:

    • Duration of the Marriage: Longer marriages may result in longer support duration.
    • Income and Assets: The financial resources and earning capacity of each spouse.
    • Standard of Living: The lifestyle established during the marriage.
    • Age and Health: The age and health of both parties may impact support decisions.
    • Contributions to the Marriage: Consideration of contributions such as childcare or career sacrifices.

    Our Spousal Support Attorney Are Experts in Alimony

    Our spousal support lawyers combine a deep understanding of alimony laws with a compassionate approach, ensuring your case is handled with both proficiency and empathy. With our team, you gain attorneys who are dedicated to protecting your interests and achieving the best possible resolution in your spousal support case..

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    spousal support lawyer

    Exploring the Role of a Spousal Support Attorney

    A spousal support attorney stands as a pivotal advocate for individuals navigating the complexities of divorce and separation. These lawyers specialize in securing fair financial support arrangements, ensuring that both parties maintain a stable economic standing post-divorce. They adeptly assess financial records, employment history, and the marital standard of living to argue for equitable spousal support agreements.

    Spousal support lawyers play a vital role not just in negotiating and drafting support agreements, but also in modifying existing orders when circumstances change. They actively engage with their clients, offering personalized advice and strategic planning to protect their financial interests. Through rigorous representation, these attorneys strive to achieve outcomes that respect the contributions of both spouses to the marriage, while also safeguarding their clients’ futures.

    Moreover, a spousal support lawyer serves as a crucial guide, helping clients understand their rights and the legal processes involved. They take on the challenges of negotiation and litigation with a proactive approach, ensuring that their clients are fully informed and confidently prepared for each step.

    If you’re facing the prospect of divorce or need to address issues of financial support, consulting with a skilled spousal support attorney can provide clarity and direction. With their expertise, you can navigate the complexities of spousal support with confidence, knowing your financial well-being is in capable hands.

    Contact A Spousal Support Attorney Today

    If you’re dealing with a spousal support case in Los Angeles or Orange County, contact Jafari Law and Mediation Office for a consultation. Our spousal support attorneys are here to provide compassionate and strong legal support for your alimony needs.

    Our Alimony Services

    • Determining Support: Evaluating factors such as income, duration, and each party’s needs to determine a fair amount.
    • Negotiating Support: Representing clients in negotiations to reach an agreeable support arrangement.
    • Drafting and Reviewing Agreements: Preparing spousal support agreements and ensuring they meet legal requirements.
    • Modification of Orders: Assisting with modifications due to changes in circumstances, such as income changes or remarriage.
    • Enforcement of Orders: Advocating for clients in cases of non-compliance with support orders.

    Other Family Law Services


    The duration can vary and is often based on the length of the marriage. It may be temporary or long-term.

    Yes, spousal support can be modified due to significant changes in circumstances, such as income changes.

    No, spousal support is not automatic. It is determined based on specific factors and the discretion of the court.

    Tax laws regarding spousal support have changed in recent years. It’s important to consult with a legal professional for current tax implications.

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    Great attorney with a lot of experience and knowledge! Always willing to take the time to explain in detail all “attoney talk/court language.” Goes above and beyond expectations!

    -Heather B.

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    Made a difficult divorce process easier to understand and navigate. Mrs. Jafari is assertive and yet very personable. Mrs. Jafari was very hands on and personally made all the court appearances. I felt supported by this law firm and the staff is wonderful.

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    Used Padideh as my lawyer for a prenup and she was incredibly helpful, and knowledgeable. It was clear she had vast experience in this field and how to protect my money.

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