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    At Jafari Law and Mediation Office, we specialize in crafting prenuptial agreements for couples in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. With over 20 years of experience, our family-owned firm provides both compassionate and assertive legal support to clients considering prenuptial agreements.

    prenuptial agreement in orange county and los angeles
    prenup in orange county and los angeles

    Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

    A prenuptial agreement, often referred to as a “prenup”, is a legal contract entered into by a couple before marriage. This agreement outlines the management of financial matters and assets in the event of divorce or death.

    Key aspects addressed in prenuptial agreements often include:

    • Asset Protection: Defining how assets and property will be handled, including those acquired before marriage.
    • Debt Liability: Determining responsibility for debts, both pre-marriage and post-marriage.
    • Spousal Support: Outlining terms for potential spousal support in the event of a divorce.
    • Inheritance and Estate Plans: Addressing how assets will be distributed in case of death.

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    If your in need of a prenuptial agreement in Orange County or Los Angeles, contact us today. Our experienced prenup lawyers specialize in crafting comprehensive prenups that protect your assets and respect your wishes.

    Our Services

    • Drafting Prenuptial Agreements: Creating custom agreements that address the unique financial circumstances of each couple.
    • Reviewing Existing Prenups: Providing thorough reviews to ensure fairness and legal compliance.
    • Negotiating Terms: Representing clients in negotiations to reach balanced and equitable terms.
    • Amending Prenuptial Agreements: Assisting with modifications to existing prenuptial agreements as circumstances change.
    • AND MORE!

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    Prenuptial agreements are beneficial for individuals with significant assets, business interests, or those entering second marriages.

    Yes, prenuptial agreements can be amended after marriage to reflect changes in circumstances or mutual agreements.

    While finances are a primary focus, prenups can also address issues like estate plans and inheritance.

    Yes, if properly drafted and executed, prenuptial agreements are enforceable in court.

    Our Clients Love Us!

    Top Rated Divorce Attorney

    Great attorney with a lot of experience and knowledge! Always willing to take the time to explain in detail all “attoney talk/court language.” Goes above and beyond expectations!

    -Heather B.

    Top Rated Family Attorney

    Made a difficult divorce process easier to understand and navigate. Mrs. Jafari is assertive and yet very personable. Mrs. Jafari was very hands on and personally made all the court appearances. I felt supported by this law firm and the staff is wonderful.

    -Alejandra P.

    Best Divorce Lawyer Top Rated Divorce Attorney

    Professional law firm. Helped to resolve a high conduct divorce for me and my kids. Would recommend.

    -Tony T.

    Top Rated Domestic Violence Attorney Top Rated Family Attorney

    Padideh is a safe place for children and all survivors of domestic violence. When Padideh is working, she is living her purpose; radiating knowledge and integrity. My life, and the lives of my daughters are forever changed for the better, because of Mrs. Jafari and her commitment to Justice and making the world a more equitable and safe place.

    -Priscella J.

    Top Rated Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Top Rated Postnuptial Agreement Attorney

    Used Padideh as my lawyer for a prenup and she was incredibly helpful, and knowledgeable. It was clear she had vast experience in this field and how to protect my money.

    -Adam I.

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