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    At Jafari Law and Mediation Office, our mediators in Los Angeles and Orange County are second to none. Our family-owned firm, boasting over 20 years of experience, offers a compassionate yet assertive approach to conflict resolution. We guide our clients through the mediation process, fostering constructive dialogue and mutually beneficial solutions.

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    What is Mediation?

    Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process where a neutral third party, the mediator, facilitates communication between parties to resolve disputes. Unlike litigation, mediation emphasizes collaboration and empowerment of parties to reach a consensus. Our expert mediators in Los Angeles and Orange County are neutral third-party professionals who facilitates negotiations and dispute resolution between parties involved in a legal conflict. Our primary role is to assist you in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement, thus avoiding the need for litigation. Mediators do not make decisions like a judge or an arbitrator; instead, we guide discussions, help clarify issues, and explore potential solutions with the goal of finding common ground.

    What to Expect from a Mediator

    When engaging with a mediator at Jafari Law and Mediation Office, you can anticipate a highly structured process facilitated by an experienced professional committed to resolving disputes amicably and efficiently. Here’s what you can expect from our mediation services:

    Neutral Facilitation: Our mediators are thoroughly trained to remain neutral and impartial throughout the mediation process. They do not take sides or make decisions for you. Instead, they work to facilitate a constructive dialogue between all parties involved.

    Confidentiality: All discussions that take place within the mediation session are confidential. This confidentiality is critical as it allows parties to openly discuss their issues without fear of repercussions in legal proceedings, fostering a safe environment for honest communication.

    Guidance and Expertise: While mediators do not provide legal advice, they are skilled in guiding the discussion in productive ways. They bring a wealth of knowledge about the legal framework relevant to your dispute and can help clarify the potential consequences of different settlement options.

    Structured Process: Mediation sessions are structured to allow each party to present their perspective and engage in dialogue about their concerns and needs. The mediator helps manage the process to ensure that it moves forward constructively and that all significant issues are addressed.

    Goal-Oriented Solutions: The primary goal of the mediator is to help the parties reach a mutually acceptable solution. This involves exploring various options and considering the interests of all parties to find a durable resolution that meets the needs of everyone involved.

    Empowerment: Mediators empower parties by helping them take an active role in resolving their conflict. This approach not only increases the likelihood of a lasting agreement but also leaves participants with enhanced skills for handling future disputes.

    Choosing Jafari Law and Mediation Office for your mediation needs ensures that you are supported by experts who respect your needs and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes in a respectful and confidential setting.

    Choose Mediation Over Litigation

    Let our mediators save you time, money, and frustration by avoiding expensive litigation. Our mediators encourage a more collaborative resolution, fostering mutual understanding and enforceable agreements while avoiding the stressful courtroom battles.

    Benefits of Mediation

    • Control and Autonomy: Parties retain control over the outcome.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: less expensive and quicker than litigation.
    • Improved Communication: Encourages open dialogue and understanding between parties.
    • Preservation of Relationships: Reduces animosity, preserving personal or business relationships.

    Expert Mediators Services


    The duration of mediation varies based on the complexity of the issues, but it’s generally quicker than litigation.

    Yes, agreements reached in mediation can be made legally binding through a written settlement agreement.

    Yes, parties are welcome to have legal representation during mediation.

    If an agreement isn’t reached, parties retain the right to pursue other legal avenues.

    Our Clients Love Us!

    Top Rated Divorce Attorney

    Great attorney with a lot of experience and knowledge! Always willing to take the time to explain in detail all “attoney talk/court language.” Goes above and beyond expectations!

    -Heather B.

    Top Rated Family Attorney

    Made a difficult divorce process easier to understand and navigate. Mrs. Jafari is assertive and yet very personable. Mrs. Jafari was very hands on and personally made all the court appearances. I felt supported by this law firm and the staff is wonderful.

    -Alejandra P.

    Best Divorce Lawyer Top Rated Divorce Attorney

    Professional law firm. Helped to resolve a high conduct divorce for me and my kids. Would recommend.

    -Tony T.

    Top Rated Domestic Violence Attorney Top Rated Family Attorney

    Padideh is a safe place for children and all survivors of domestic violence. When Padideh is working, she is living her purpose; radiating knowledge and integrity. My life, and the lives of my daughters are forever changed for the better, because of Mrs. Jafari and her commitment to Justice and making the world a more equitable and safe place.

    -Priscella J.

    Top Rated Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Top Rated Postnuptial Agreement Attorney

    Used Padideh as my lawyer for a prenup and she was incredibly helpful, and knowledgeable. It was clear she had vast experience in this field and how to protect my money.

    -Adam I.

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