A woman considering " is divorce right for me"

Is Divorce Right for Me?

Before learning how to prepare for divorce, you should make sure you’ve thought about if divorce is right for you. Deciding to end a marriage is one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make, impacting your life and those around you profoundly. It’s not just a legal procedure but a complex emotional journey. Before taking this step, consider these critical questions:

  • Have you explored all possibilities to salvage your marriage?
  • Is your decision based on emotional impulse, or have you thought it through carefully?
  • What are your core reasons for wanting a divorce?
  • Do you understand the consequences of this decision on your life and family?

Should I Consult with a Divorce Attorney?

Yes, when preparing for divorce, consulting with a seasoned divorce attorney is crucial, even before you make your final decision. A skilled lawyer can offer you a clear overview of your rights, the potential outcomes, and what to expect throughout the divorce process. Early legal advice can be instrumental in setting a positive tone for your case, guiding you towards making strategic decisions right from the start.

How Should I Tell My Spouse?

Approaching your spouse about your decision to divorce is delicate and requires careful planning. It’s generally best to avoid surprising them with divorce papers, as this can start the process on a contentious note. Find a quiet, private time to discuss your decision, ensuring it’s a moment when both of you can speak without interruptions or distractions. Be compassionate but firm, allowing your spouse time to process the news and react in their own time. Communication is key, and maintaining a level of respect can help ease the emotional burden for both parties.

If there is a history of domestic violence in your relationship or if you have any safety concerns for yourself, your children or your spouse, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance and advice prior to initiating divorce discussions.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

How to Prepare Before Filing for Divorce?

Thorough preparation is vital for a smooth divorce process. Begin by gathering essential documents  related to your finances, property, and personal identification. This includes birth certificates, passports, and social security cards as well as financial records like bank statements, credit reports, and investment accounts. You should also include legal documents such as any existing prenuptial agreements, previous divorce decrees, and any court orders. Additionally, consider changing passwords for personal accounts to ensure privacy and security of your personal information. 

Get An Overview of your finances and Assets

Examining your credit report is always a good idea when preparing for divorce. Getting a good overview of your financial situation such as the debts under your name and your credit standing helps in planning for your financial future effectively. You may also want to consider opening a new credit card solely in your name in order to be able to secure emergency funds if needed..

You will also want to take a video recorded walkthrough of your home, documenting the contents in each room , including those stored in a home safe. This not only aids in creating a comprehensive list of your belongings but also ensures that items of value are accounted for during the divorce proceedings.

How Do I Discuss Divorce with Our Children?

Breaking the news of divorce to children is a sensitive task that should be handled with care and empathy. If possible, parents should address their children together, presenting a united front to provide reassurance and stability. Highlight that the divorce is not their fault and that both parents will continue to love and support them. Aim for age-appropriate conversations, and consider seeking guidance from a child psychologist to navigate this discussion more effectively.

Knowing exactly how to prepare for divorce in California can be very specific to your unique situation. However, by thoroughly considering these questions and preparing accordingly, you’ll be better equipped to handle the complexities of the journey ahead. 

Considering Divorce ?

If you’re considering divorce and need guidance through this complex legal landscape, contact a divorce attorney at Jafari Law and Mediation Office today.


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